Hi, it's Sandrina

I'm a Staff Frontend Engineer who helps to turn ideas into accessible experiences.


Let's connect the dots

Combining design and development processes is one of my expertises. As a frontend developer, I do my best to empower designers and prevent technical constraints from compromising the user experience.

Ask why Understand how

Clear understanding and open communication are fundamental parts of my process: expect lots of questions - questions that help clear barriers, unpack assumptions and spark eureka moments.

From a solo act to a team player

If you wanna go quickly, I can make it happen. As a fast paced learner with a high quality bar, I can go solo when needed. But if you wanna go far and prefer collaboration over competition, then we may be a match made in heaven!

A casual writer

Solving problems is cool, but explaining the path to the solution is when the insights happen.


Take a sneak peek on Github and Codepen

Uff, you came so far... Here's my journey

In 2020 I joined Remote, where nowdays I'm a Staff Engineer helping building the foundations of the Platform. Back in office times, I was a Senior Frontend Developer at Farfetch for a few years. There, I guided multiple teams to level up their knowledge within the React ecosystem, around accessibility, performance, and JS testing.

Although I've been a developer my entire career, I proudly hold a degree in Communication Design and post-grad in Digital Experience Design. During this path I found my way as a self-taught frontend developer.

Giving back to the community has been a joy. I started by pushing pixels around on Codepen just for fun.

Occasionally I write articles and some of them were published at CSS-Tricks and Smashing Magazine. Exploring the world of public speaking also made part of my adventure.

Solving problems is cool, but I enjoy even more to simplify existing solutions. I've been mentoring online developers across the globe, which allowed me to refine my approach to teaching new topics that are simple yet effective.

All of these experiences lead me to find my sweet spot – giving workshops — it has been one of my biggest joys since 2018. Nowadays, I'm focused on my A11Y workshop as a way to raise awareness of why web accessibility is part of our duties as web creators.

Since I can remember, my meta-goal is to create humanly inclusive experiences within digital environments. And this has been my journey around it.

Well... That's all for now!

Feel free to say hi!

It's easy to find me around, specially if you are a web lover too.

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Accessibility Statement for people who use screen readers

This paragraph was written specially for those who use screen readers... that's right, you! If you find anything weird or you feel lost in this website, please reach out to me and I'll do my best to make it better for you. The web is awesome and I believe everyone should be able to enjoy it, no matter what!